Close Up Photography

If you think you understand, look closer. If you think you don’t understand, just look closer.

The Beauty of Tulips

A tulip doesn’t strive to impress anyone. It doesn’t struggle to be different than a rose. It doesn’t have to. It is dif

A Portrait Of Fiery Souls

Good taste, energy and class. Just like the Coffee! My portrait of the founders of DBC Coffee. Wanting to show the “engi

Pink Project

Daring. Spirited. Imaginative. Up-to-date. I’m passionate with red colors, strong contrasts, seeing objects ‘out o

June Wedding

I was invited to my brothers wedding in June this year and was excited to celebrate his great day with his chosen one, beautif

Cosplay Heroines

I had the pleasure of shooting pictures of these two Cosplay Heroines; @ukuluku.cosplays and @brown_eyes_n on a beautiful summ

Testing Tulle

Had a fun shoot while testing tulle with Malica. We were on the country side and found a dry ground where we shot the pho

Malicas Portrait

A beautiful moment with a beautiful woman.

This Woman’s Work – A Portrait from the other side.

This woman came to me and said: I’m past 50, I still look damn good, and I wanna show it! You can see and shop the Pos

Every Day Angels

Series with Photography and Collage. The Art Work is printet on 50 x 70 cm High Quality Paper.

Garden Plants at Night

Photos taken for decorating the cottage. All images © 2018 Simona Hjaltalin.

I Love Copenhagen

Photos from Wonderful Copenhagen.

A Moment in Time

Bursting with Joy

Dandelion from North of Europe.

Book Launch & Reception

Standing Tall

Sedums in the Winter Light.

Rising Stars

The behavior of air, water & low temperature. Frozen Lake.    

Fallen Soldiers

Rosehips in february.

Portrait of a Rising Star

Danish/African Author Michael Owino.

Caught in Happiness

A Happy At Last Wedding.