June Wedding

I was invited to my brothers wedding in June this year and was excited to celebrate his great day with his chosen one, beautiful Manja!

It was a Beautiful day. The sun was shining from a clear sky and the wind was really quiet. We met my brother in front of the church. He looked great! After hugging and so, we all went inside the church, now only waiting for the bride to show up. And did she made her entrance? Yes, with live music, a beautiful weddingdress and with hair and makeup just perfect. Must admit that my tears was rolling.

After the wedding, we all greeted them with lot’s off rice, laughter, congratulations and smiles. All of a sudden my brother shouted; Hey Sis, please will you take the photos today? Smiling at me with his “off course you will” smile. Damne brother! 

I did my best, but must admit that it’s quite a challenge to be a guest and take photos at the same time, but I think we got some great shots!  

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